Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Premarital Agreements, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives

Katherine advises clients about options for designating, managing, and transferring their assets, and about the appropriate legal documents.

10 Questions to Ask About Your Estate Plan:

  1. Do I have a valid South Carolina will?
  2. Does my will adequately address any changes in circumstances since the date I signed it, or do I need a new will?
  3. Have I recently had a child, gained a son-in-law, become a grandparent, gotten married, or become separated or divorced from my spouse?
  4. Have I recently bought or inherited additional real estate or other assets in South Carolina or another state?
  5. Do I need to choose a guardian to take care of my children if I should die before they become adults?
  6. What assets do I have and what are their values?
  7. Who do I want to leave my assets to when I die, and is there anyone I do not want to inherit from me?
  8. Which of my assets will (and will not) be subject to estate administration in probate court?
  9. Should I provide in my will for a trust to be set up after my death?
  10. Do I need a trust now for myself and my family?

5 Reasons Why You Need Advance Health Care Directives and a Durable Power of Attorney:

  1. So that you have control over who can – and who cannot – make medical and health care decisions for you, if you become unable to make those decisions for yourself.
  2. So that you can choose health care treatment you would want – or would not want – and communicate your choices in advance in writing for your agent and doctors to follow.
  3. So that you can choose in advance who will take care of your finances and manage your assets, if you become unable to make those decisions for yourself.
  4. So that you can choose what your agent may and may not do with your assets, and communicate these authorities clearly in writing for your agent.
  5. So that you – and not another person – will be the one to make the choices above for yourself.