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Estate Administration

Difficulties can easily arise between family members when faced with probate issues, while also grieving the death of their loved one. Katherine represents personal representatives and other family members with effectiveness, creative problem-solving, and compassion.

Estate Planning

There is no time like the present for you to choose…who you want to make medical and financial decisions for you if you can’t, and to whom you want to leave your assets when you pass away.

If you are ready to discuss these or similar issues and consider options for action for yourself or a loved one, you may want to talk with an attorney and you are welcome to call me for a consultation appointment.

Practice Areas

Estate Administration and Related Litigation

Katherine helps personal representatives navigate the estate administration and probate court process. She also represents personal representatives, trustees, beneficiaries, and other parties in probate court. She represents clients in amicable probate matters and in contested litigation.

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Katherine is a Certified Circuit Court Mediator and can be chosen by the parties or appointed by the circuit or probate court in a case to help the people involved try to reach an agreement. In her role as mediator, Katherine does not have a client, but is a neutral facilitator helping the parties try to resolve their differences.

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Estate Planning Services

Katherine crafts your documents based on your situation and choices, and with thorough legal research, drafting creativity, and careful preparation. While you can find certain documents online, such pre-made forms may not be legally compliant in South Carolina and they may not adequately address your and your family’s specific situation. You deserve to consult in-person with an attorney about questions, issues, and options you may not have considered.

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Guardianships and Conservatorships

Katherine advises clients seeking to obtain guardianship or conservatorship authority from the probate court to help family members who are incapacitated.  She also represents adults who are alleged to be incapacitated, advocating on their behalf for their wishes.

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Are you ready to start making an estate plan?

Review my checklist of "10 Questions to Ask About Your Estate Plan." Then, contact my office for an appointment and we'll get started right away.


“In my 70-plus years, I have worked with a number of attorneys here and in neighboring states. A few years ago I asked Katherine Gettys to review my current will and draft a more appropriate one for my stage in life. To put it succinctly, she was the best attorney I have ever worked with—by far. Not only did she display a comprehensive knowledge of all the issues I should consider, but also she patiently explained them for as long as I had questions.”

Kay C.

“My mother passed away, and named me Personal Representative in her will. I tried to handle the estate administration process myself, but the estate was complicated and I did not understand how things were to be done. My wife found several probate lawyers, and chose Katherine Gettys. I would recommend Katherine to friends, family, anyone who will listen. She has so much compassion, knowledge in these matters, and such an open heart. If you need a lawyer for probate matters, choose her….she was awesome and went far beyond our expectations in obtaining a good resolution for us. Thanks, Katherine!”

Johnny W.

“Ms. Gettys was very helpful throughout the whole process with the estate for my godmother. She answered all questions and calls, and was very prompt with responses. I appreciated her time and patience. I would refer anyone going through this process to her!”

Joy M.