Estate Administration

Estate Administration and Related Litigation

Are you nominated in someone’s will to be their personal representative, and unsure about what to do when that person passes away?

Katherine represents and advises personal representatives (and trustees) in their fiduciary roles. She helps her clients understand their roles and helps them through the probate court and estate administration process. Many questions and issues can arise for fiduciaries, and Katherine adopts a multi-disciplinary “team” approach for her clients in working with the client’s other chosen professionals, as needed, (e.g., accountant, tax advisor, financial advisor, real estate agent).

Do you need an attorney to help you with contested issues in an estate matter?

Some examples of contested matters in probate court include disagreements about the will, quarrels over who should be appointed personal representative, disputes about what property should and should not be part of the probate estate, and arguments about who should inherit property.

Katherine has years of courtroom experience. She also is astute in advising her clients on risk-benefit concerns and about resourceful solutions to resolve matters through agreement or mediation.